Tuesday, September 27, 2011


...that my Flash journey officially begins. Am I excited about it?

Uhm... YEAH! I can't wait.

For Francis and I, it's been a pretty long road since we started this adventure... and to FINALLY see it come out is an amazing feeling that is beyond my ability to describe.

The initial reaction to the announcement that we would be taking over writing duties was met with something less than confidence. The reasons for this are obvious and one hundred percent fair. But that just made us more determined to prove ourselves as writers. And as he and I chugged along, sweating, working our asses off, doing interviews, talking to people, and putting together the book, we started to build up a good head of steam.

In the last month or so, things have REALLY taken off!

The book pre-sold over 100,000 copies... After the launch of JLA #1, the orders jumped quite a bit higher than that... Many professionals and peers read the book and weighed in with OVERWHELMINGLY positive reviews. A couple of BIGWIGS @ DC even confided in us that Flash #1 was their favorite of the New52. The worm has started to turn. The covers. The preview art. The interviews. The convention exposure. All good stuff. I can't wait.

And now here we are, on the eve of the book's release...

Starting tomorrow, the books will hit the shelves... and anxious fans will hopefully start buying those 100K copies. The reviews will start appearing on the web... Fans will head to the forums to weigh in with their opinions. Some will offer glowing praise... others will find fault with ever word and/or image. The Flash experts will deconstruct our story and offer their analysis. Starting tomorrow, things are going to change for me.

I'm going to acquire passionate new fans... AND passionate new haters. And you know what? I can't wait.

Francis and I are already knee deep in issue #4. We're here and we are crafting stories that we are insanely proud of. We're working SO hard, we're SO exhausted... and we're SO having the time of our lives.

And starting tomorrow, EVERYONE gets to see what we have done.

I can't wait.


  1. Read the first issue...Great start Brian! Art and coloring are AMAZING! I also loved the fast paced nature of the story. No decompression is a huge plus for me. I was also very impressed with your guys writing! An excellent twist at the end. I love how you showed Barry's human side along with his obvious super heroism.

    My fears seem to be alleviated at this point. (on a side note i noticed the DC mystery woman on the panel with Iris, Patty and Barry)

    Congratulations on a hopefully long and quality run! Though I don't see how you guys can keep up this pace! I mean DAMN Shit was happening fast and furious! Seriously, excellent start Mr Buccellato. From a very satisfied Flash fan.

  2. Wow! That was fast... the first review is in!!!!

    I'm glad you liked it... and I'm even more glad that you took the time to tell me WHY. I'm honored.

    And I'm gonna let you in on a secret, Gerald... issue 2 is even better! ;)

  3. I'm not lucky enough to have read the book, so no review yet, but I can't wait for tomorrow! I've no shortage of confidence in what you and Francis have put together, Brian.