Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best. Email. Ever.

While on line at Space Mountain, I got a really touching email from a fan... One that I HAD to share. I'm keeping it anonymous at the author's request...

-OK, this maybe the weirdest email you get. Hopefully not. Earlier today I was playing around on twitter and I came across some Flash posts that you made. The Flash has always been one of my VERY favorite super heroes and I'm honestly looking really forward to your book at the end of the month. 
-This past week I've had some set-backs in my life. Some that I've been very depressed over the past few days. Brian, when I saw these:!/BrianBooch/status/110367327106760704/photo/1!/BrianBooch/status/110367153462591490/photo/1!/BrianBooch/status/110366901556871168/photo/1
-They spoke to me on a level that you had not intended. It seems you snuck a couple of really valuable life lessons in there, not just promos for a comic. They've changed my whole attitude for the day. I can't thank you enough. Looking very forward to reading Flash at the end of the month. And thanks to you, I'm off and running!!! Thanks again, sir."

There's no greater compliment to us as writers than to have quotes from our book affect someone in a positive way. I'm honored beyond words.

And I REALLY hope things get better for this person, SOON!

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