Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NO FRILLS... and some thoughts about the WHY of it all

From a design perspective, this blog is pretty effin pedestrian.

I do have plans to make it look nicer and link it to my (currently not under construction) website -- which right now is nothing more than a domain name that my brother has been kind enough to host (and pay for) for the last five years. Yes, I have plans... but they're of the long term variety because I am already spread pretty thin with all that I have going on. Thanks in advance for tolerating this unsightly incarnation of my Super Professional Blog.

For those wondering why it's called my SUPER PROFESSIONAL BLOG...

I did a personal blog of inane rantings (and pictures of myself) a few years ago. This is not that. This blog is devoted to me as a writer and all that comes with trying to make it in this world by throwing words down on the page. My primary goal is to amuse those that are kind enough to give my blog a read. It's an absolute honor to have ANYONE take time from their busy lives to read what I have to say, and I don't take that for granted. My secondary goal is to share my experiences as someone that is trying to make a living through the thing he is most passionate about. Writing.

Okay... so why do this NOW?

Because I am fortunate to be co-writing THE FLASH, and have finally taken the first real step towards achieving what is now a fifteen-year-long ambition -- making a living as a writer. So now I have something positive to share and this blog doesn't have to be filled with frustration and rejection. Seriously, who wants to read whiny rants about NOT making it? At least now I can pepper my normal whiny rants with happy thoughts about writing the Flash with my pal, Francis Manapul.


Really, the only rules I have given myself are...

a) I am going to write honestly about my experiences.
b) I am NOT going to curse or be lewd or write anything that would be construed as inappropriate for those under 18.

Since I am writing a superhero book, it wouldn't be right to go blue. So, I will suppress my natural instincts... for the kids.

Lastly, I wanted to SHOUT OUT to Francis for believing in me enough to ask me to write The Flash with him. I owe the opportunity to him... Thanks, man!

Okay, one more thing... not to sound too arrogant (I'm trying to sound JUST arrogant enough)... We are totally killing it! This Super Professional Blogger is SUPER proud of what we are doing.

Oh, and THANKS, JACK... For hosting my imaginary website!


  1. Booch!
    Been a fan of your colors, and commentary for years. Really glad to see you working with "Franchise" on the Flash.

    the New DC 52 can't get here fast enough!

    In the mean time at least we got your super professional blog to hold us over ;)

    Your pal-
    Jimmy S. Jay...
    Promoter of the Amazing Comic Conventions
    Arizona & Orange County California

  2. Thanks, Jimmy! Long time no chat... hope you're doing well! I'm going to NYC Comic Con... will you be there?

  3. I'll be waiting for more...........


  4. I can't wait to read your blog. I have one of my own here on Blogger, and it'll be nice to hear what you have to say about the business. I want to "make it" with writing as well, so hopefully I can learn from you, oh wise master.

  5. I'm clearly NOT a wise master... but I am willing to impart whatever wisdom that I have stumbled across in my years living in the world of adults. :) I'll check your blog out as well...