Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hi all,

I've got a TON of work to do and am in the middle of several deadlines.

But I DO have a half-written blog entry that I'm going to post as soon as I get a chance to finish it (monday - i hope). Until then, I wanted to make a quick entry to mention that I booked my airfare for New York City today, which means I am DEFINITELY going to NEW YORK COMIC CON in October.

I'm REALLY excited to be going to New York for a number of reasons...

1. FLASH #1 will FINALLY be out and I can't wait to see what the fans think of it.
2. It's New York City in the fall (do I need to explain that?)
3. I get to return to my hometown and see relatives and my oldest friends
4. I'll get to visit the DC offices and see my editorial cronies
5. I get to see many of my comic pals from all across the globe.
6. Walking around in the city is one of my all-time favorite things to do
7. Jamaican Beef Patties and New York Pizza
8. Vanilla Egg Cream
9. Peter Luger Steakhouse (Frank Mastromauro and I vowed to go)
10. The ALCS will be going on and (hopefully) the Yanks will still be playing meaningful baseball.

As you can see, this Super Professional Blogger is Super excited to be going to New York! Now I gotta get back to work... See you Monday!

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